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Rooting Rosemary

Call me a newbie, but I didn't know you could root Rosemary. I just assumed it was too woody.

A few weeks back, before our deluge of snow that buried my entire garden and everything else in sight, I plucked a few sprigs of Rosemary from the bush in my garden for some cooking I was doing in the kitchen. I had one sprig too many, and I popped it into a bud vase filled with water and left it on on sunny window ledge without another thought.

It hasn't dried out, and today I noticed that it's grown some roots. Awesome!! Hmmm... do I leave it as is, or transfer it to potting soil and risk killing it? Decisions, decisions ;-)
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Anonymous said...

I have rooted rosemary from a cutting, I just popped it in rooting powder and then in a pot and it has worked - 4 years later the bush is fine and also has been transplanted.

JEANNE said...

Awesome! Good to know.

I think eventually I'll transfer it to a pot, because it can't really grow much more in the vase. During the summer it was fine to have a bush only outdoors, but now it would be nice to have it fresh inside the house as well.

Damon said...

I suspect that it will be bitter at the lower light levels inside, but I would be interested to know...

I think all the rosemary bushes that I've ever had have been rooted from cuttings from a relative's favourite bush, and been transplanted as cuttings with me from house to house when I've moved...