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Recycling Plastic Bags

Here's a handy reference (in Canada), listed by province, of which municipalities will accept plastic bags for recycling:

I knew that our neighbourhood was one of them, and have always included them in our blue bin, but have never separated them from the other plastics (oops ;) I now resolve to sort them, per the suggestion, as follows:

  1. Turn bags inside-out to ensure they are empty and free of debris.
  2. Stuff them all into one bag.
  3. Tie it closed.
  4. Include in curbside pick up.

Here are some other plastic bag recycling tidbits I've learned:

  • Plastic bags with the number 7 on them are not always recyclable - check with your municipality first.
  • Numbers 2 and 4 are recyclable (2 is high-density polyethylene film, or HDPE, and 4 is low density or linear-low density polyethylene film, or LDPE/LLDPE)
  • Food wrap (such as saran wrap) is not recyclable.
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