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5 Things I Can Unplug While Not In Use

A refresher for me! (Since starting this blog, I've noticed that I pay much more attention to all things green :-)

Here are five things I can unplug when they're not in use:

1) Cell phone charger

This one is easy to remember because it's in plain view on the counter.

2) Coffee maker

I used to leave this one plugged in because it has a clock. I did set the clock once, only to have my husband unplug it to use the outlet for something else. I never bothered to set the clock again, but continued to leave the coffee maker plugged in (presumably so I could see the flashing zeros???).

3) Computer

This is an easy one - with the flick of a switch (on the power bar) I can turn off a lot of peripherals, and then simply unplug the power bar.

4) Microwave

We never reset the clock after power failures anyway, so why not unplug it when it's not in use?

5) Kettle

There are more of course, but this a good place to start. I find I'm more successful at keeping new habits if I make small changes rather than large...


klara said...

great blog!

just wanted to let you know that I uploaded a post of yours to (like Digg but centered around
sustainability). It's a great resource and I'm trying to spread the word
about it. Please check it out and upload your posts there if you can!

Jeanne said...

Thanks... I will check it out. Thanks for visiting my blog :-)