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Getting Rid Of Fruit Flies

I have blogged about this before, but the tip is worth sharing again:

I compost, so I keep a plastic container in my sink which I empty daily into a larger containter on my balcony, which I transfer weekly to the compost pile in my garden. Occassionally fruit flies find their way into the kitchen and to my sink, and do their best to DRIVE ME NUTS.

That is until I discovered this nifty fruit fly rememdy:

Pour about 1/3 cup wine (I use white Zin :) into a cup and add a couple of drops of dish soap. Mix together. Place the cup in the location where the flies frequent, and wait...

Ohhhh... it works like a charm!!! They can't resist the wine (insert wino blogger comment here) and the dishsoap destroys the surface tension of the liquid, so they sink and drown.


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1 comment:

Zoy said...

Thanks for the easy recipe! It seems that everybody have those nasty flies sooner or later. Following your blog, Hallelujah Herbs!