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Re-usable Shopping Bags

I found this web site... it's a company that creates custom reusable shopping bags for businesses. (Ah-ha! That's how they do it ;)

Happy shopping!

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Shop Cart

I bought a Shop Cart from Canadian Tire recently and really like it. My Pack and Roll is starting to fall apart (I still think it's durable, I just used it a lot :) and I wanted something with quieter wheels.

The Shop Cart does not disappoint. The wheels are whisper quiet, and it can carry quite a bit of stuff. I've found the umbrella compartment quiet useful, and although it doesn't fold as small as the Pack and Roll does when empty, because it's so light at quiet, I don't mind rolling it to the store as well as from.

Glad I bought it!

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Happy Potatoes :)

My newly located potato plants are thriving! There are even some plants growing robustly in the old location, as well as one taking over the compost heap. Apparently my garden soil's PH is just perfect for potatoes, lol.

Next year (I keep thinking about this ever year but never do it) I'm going to plant JUST POTATOES. Why not? They're the only crop from my garden that the entire family eats, and they're a staple for us, as they are for many people. It would be nice to never have to buy them :)

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Planting Potatoes

A few years back I bought a bag of seed potatoes, and haven't had to plant any since (they just keep coming back - year after year!!). They say you're supposed to rotate your potato crop, and who knows if my yield would have been better if I had done that (like I had any choice - they just grew where they wanted ;)

This year I thought I'd move them. Why not? This time, however, I used spuds from my kitchen with eyes started. Apparently all you do is cut the potato into pieces and plant the pieces with the eyes. "They" say you're not supposed to do this (potato blight?) but that's all my father-in-law did for years. We'll see what happens!

(Maybe one of these days I'll do it by the book - plant from seed potatoes and rotate the crop yearly ;)

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I'm Still Composting!!

...even though our ground has been pretty frozen. Not sure if this is the right thing to do or not, but I've been placing the compost on top of the frozen heap, and then covering that with whatever I can find (leaves, twigs, etc.)

How about you - do you (and if so how) compost during the cold of winter?

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Going Green With My Dishwasher

I admit I love my dishwasher. There are those who say that the newer ones are greener to use than washing dishes by hand, although I have a hard time believing that. Still, I indulge in the convenience provided by my Frigidaire.

I do, however, have a compromise. I don't use the "dry" feature - instead I air dry my dishes. As in, I have a dish rack by the sink (for the items that are not dry yet when I empty the dishwasher). My husband thinks we're the only house anywhere with a dishwasher AND a dish rack, lol. (One of these days I'll convert him and make him more green ;)

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Flatten Juice Boxes

I used to just crumple our used juice boxes and toss them in a plastic bag. We'd have a bulky, sticky mess that my husband hated to recycle.

Then a friend of mine said to me "Really? You don't flatten them?".

Me: "Flatten them? Seriously? What a good idea. I never thought of that." (I'm bright, but we all have our dull moments.)

Now this is what I do. I unfold all the corners and flatten them. I can now fit 30+ into a bag that previously only held ten of the crumpled ones. I even elasticize them together in little packs of ten. I feel like Martha Stewart, lol.

The best part of this is I can now WALK them up to the depot myself because I can now fit them into my pack-and-go wheelie cart.

(If this is the highlight of my week, does that mean I need to get out more? ;)

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Greener Lunch Containers

School is just around the corner, and now I'll be sending two packed lunches every day instead of one!

Last year my daughter, who was then five, had trouble opening plastic containers (and these were the Disney Princess ones, made for kids!!). I was forced to send zip loc bags for a few days until I was able to shop around for other containers with tabs on the lids that she could grip more easily.

This year I want to be more organized and have this stuff ready before the start of school (Sept 8th is their first day). I have only 2 or 3 of the kind of container that my daughter can open - now I guess I need to buy more.

Any excuse to shop - I'll take it ;)

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Getting Rid Of Fruit Flies

I have blogged about this before, but the tip is worth sharing again:

I compost, so I keep a plastic container in my sink which I empty daily into a larger containter on my balcony, which I transfer weekly to the compost pile in my garden. Occassionally fruit flies find their way into the kitchen and to my sink, and do their best to DRIVE ME NUTS.

That is until I discovered this nifty fruit fly rememdy:

Pour about 1/3 cup wine (I use white Zin :) into a cup and add a couple of drops of dish soap. Mix together. Place the cup in the location where the flies frequent, and wait...

Ohhhh... it works like a charm!!! They can't resist the wine (insert wino blogger comment here) and the dishsoap destroys the surface tension of the liquid, so they sink and drown.


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Growing Bigger Zucchini

Wow!! Much bigger zucchinis this year! (Last year my largest one was smaller than the fork in the picture). The difference, I think, is because I moved my planting location.

I did this primarily because the plants grow so huge that they take over my garden bed, so I wanted them to have their own location away from the other plants. Their new spot is a sunnier one, so that may be the reason for the success :)

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