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Diaper Wipes...

...are not at ALL green. Aw geez, but they're so handy!!! I confess that I use them more often than I should, but I did go "wipes free" for awhile. If anyone is looking for a wipes alternative, this is what worked for me.

I used three containers. Two were the plastic wipe tubs and the third was a small bucket. I designated a bunch of baby face cloths as "bum only" and kept them in the "clean" wipes tub, in mildly soapy (baby soap) water.

Next to that tub on the change table was the other wipes tub which was empty - this was my "ewwww, where do I put this poopy wash cloth??!!" tub. After each bum change, this tub of dirty wipes would be emptied into the small bucket, which stayed in the bathtub, filled with water and some bleach (I used toddler knobs on the bathroom door so that my mobile child couldn't get in the bathroom by herself and get to the bleach).

I was skeptical, but ultimately surprised at how well it worked, and how easily I transition from disposable wipes to washable cloths. It's definitely worth experimenting with - at least if it doesn't work out you can say you tried!

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Apuch said...

Interesting. With one boy in college, one in high school and one on her way (hopefully soon) from Guatemala I find myself rethinking the baby stuff. It has been a few years and in 4 days our daughter will be 1. Her room is all set so I am starting to bone up on these helpful tips. Thank you.