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Loads of Laundry...

With two kids and a Mechanic in our house, I do a lot of laundry. My latest "go green" endeavour is to reduce the amount of dryer time we use.

I have one of those on wheels hanging rack things (lol, I'm soooo articulate) that I keep in the basement. It doubles as a portable closet for relatives when they're in town staying in our basement. When no one is occupying "Jeanne's Bed and Breakfast", however, it stays parked under the ceiling furnace duct (ahhh!!! nice and warm).

The drawback is that this duct is in front of the window, which means I won't be hanging bras or undies, thank you very much. I have, mind you, been able to reduce my dryer loads to about one per day using this rack (previously three or four loads).

My next goal is to teach my kids to stay clean so I won't have to use the washer as often...

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