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Four Uses For Vinegar

There are a million and one posts out there about the wonders of vinegar, so I thought I'd throw in my two cents. Here are four ways I personally have used it:

1) Mould inhibitor: I make homemade bread, which has no preservatives. I keep the bread wrapped in a paper towel in a Tupperware tub in my fridge, and between each loaf I wipe out the container with Vinegar. I have yet to see any spoilage using this procedure.

2) Spray cleaner: This one is good for the kids: I can clean the walls with the kids in tow, and not worry about them breathing in vapours or fumes.

3) Cleaning coffee maker: An oldie but a goodie - enough said.

4) Deodorizing cat pee: Just pour on full strength, and it takes care of the stinkies. I`m not sure how. Your house smells like a french fry stand for a day or two, but once that smells fades, the cat pee doesn`t return, unlike with most commercial sprays.

I buy vinegar in bulk from Costco and always have lots on hand. It`s definitely useful stuff!


Coffee Machine said...

Use vinegar for cleaning your Dripolator Coffee Pot, but whatever you do, do not use vinegar in a modern espresso coffee maker!

Coffee Makers should only bean cleaned with the manufacturers recommended solution or a citric acid dilution - not vinegar.

You will not only reduce the life of your coffee machine - you may also void your warranty!

Jeanne said...

Wow, good to know. Thanks Coffee Machine :-)

Apuch said...

I heard of this one years ago and am not really sure how it works. Use vinegar and newspaper for cleaning your car windows. Something about the acid in the vinegar and the ink of the newsprint interacts and leaves your car windows crystal clear again. I have used this method often over the years.