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Can You Put Styrofoam In Compost?

I seem to recall reading somewhere that Styrofoam can be used to aerate compost. Because it doesn't decompose or absorb water, if you break it into small pieces and mix it in with your compost it will help to increase air access.

I did a quick google to try and learn more and found a good article at that covers this and some other suggestions as to what you can do with Styrofoam:

1) Find a local industrial composting company who will take the Styrofoam to aerate their compost (if you have too much to use in your own compost).

2) Offer large clean pieces to schools, community centres and craft stores for re-use in craft projects.

3) Break them up into small pieces and save them for home projects such as bean bag chairs or dog beds.

4) Find a recycling company that can take Styrofoam and ship it there.

I like the dog bed idea... lol... I might try that one myself :-)
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Crafty Green Poet said...

I found your blog through Best green Blogs and have enjoyed browsing. i particularly appreciate this post as I have just had a number of gifts sent to me that were wrapped in styrofoam - so now its less of a recycling problem than i thought it would be! Thanks!

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