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Flatten Juice Boxes

I used to just crumple our used juice boxes and toss them in a plastic bag. We'd have a bulky, sticky mess that my husband hated to recycle.

Then a friend of mine said to me "Really? You don't flatten them?".

Me: "Flatten them? Seriously? What a good idea. I never thought of that." (I'm bright, but we all have our dull moments.)

Now this is what I do. I unfold all the corners and flatten them. I can now fit 30+ into a bag that previously only held ten of the crumpled ones. I even elasticize them together in little packs of ten. I feel like Martha Stewart, lol.

The best part of this is I can now WALK them up to the depot myself because I can now fit them into my pack-and-go wheelie cart.

(If this is the highlight of my week, does that mean I need to get out more? ;)

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Damon said...

Hey, no, stay in more and become a "carton recycling enhancement consultant" and claim some 'green' tech grant or other!



Jeanne Elle said...

LOL hee hee... green tech grant!! I like it :)

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