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Not So Green Lunch Containers

Lately I've been noticing that my daughter's lunch has been coming back with her sandwich uneaten, still in its Disney Princess plastic container. The explanation, I was told, was that she couldn't get the lid open, forcing me to send her sandwich to school in Zip-loc baggies (which get too messy to be re-used), or plastic wrap.

Ah-ha moment: my solution was to get a different kind of container - one with a plastic tab on the side of the lid that she could use to open it. No more baggies and plastic wrap :-)

Such a simple thing, but I thought I'd post about it because it was something I myself had not thought of when I bought the first containers.
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Katrina said...

How sad to imagine her sitting there, hungry, trying to get the darned container open! Poor little thing!

JEANNE said...

Yeah... it wasn't so bad at least because that was only her sandwich. She still had her other stuff to eat. Still, how frustrating for her - the sandwich is her favourite part!