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Goodbye Sled

Ok, kids - you choose. Slip sliding away on slush, or sitting in the sled in a pool of rainfall.

In the end I chose for them, and hung the sled up in the garage. My argument in favour of wearing snow pants even though it was(is!!) raining paid off, because they both slipped and ended up on their knees in slush several times. In the end, though, all things considered I think they stayed pretty dry.

Have I mentioned how happy I am that we're only three blocks from school?

Aaaand... what a great time to be "commuting green", too. SO many spinning wheels of stuck cars... if only more people bothered to buy reasonable boots and rain/snow gear. Snow boots don't have to be expensive, and even if they are, for adults who wear the same size year after year, they're a good investment.

I have a pair of Joe brand snow boots (Superstore) that cost $24 and are good to -10C, and they have wonderful tread. So far they seem water resistant as well.

As for my pants, I have a Wetskins rain suit, a jacket and pants, that are wonderful. They are fully water proof, and also trap body heat so they are warm. The cost of the suit was $75.

So, for a mere $100 (plus $3 total for dollar store gloves, scarf and toque), I'm all set for my green commute :-)

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Damon said...

When I was at university in Edinburgh (Scotland) over twenty years ago I bought a pair of moderately-priced ('half-calf'?) hiking boots that I was sniffily told 'wouldn't last'. (Edinburdh can be bitterly cold and wet/icy...) With an extra pair of socks they're warm, and they grip most ice like asphalt, and I'm getting ready to break them out for my commute to the office as we're getting a little snow and temperatures down to -5C.



JEANNE said...

That was a great purchase - over twenty years later you're still getting use out of them!! Awesome :-)