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New Windows Help In The Cold Snap

Phew ;-)

The outside temperature is currently -12C/10F. If we had our old windows, they would now have sheets of ice on the inside (frozen condensation), unless I had the furnace up to about 24 or 25 (75F).

I went to high school in the interior of BC - my old hometown is currently at -33C/-27F. Houses there are built a little differently though - ALL the windows have two separate, independently sliding pieces of glass, with about a 4 inch cushion of air in between (when we first moved there from the south coast when I was in high school, I thought they were the strangest windows I'd ever seen, but when the winters produced weather cold enough to freeze exposed flesh, I understood ;-)

Anyway, thanks to our new Energy Star windows, we have the furnace set at only 18C/64F, and lo and behold - no ice anywhere (inside the house, that is ;-)
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