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My Two Green Deeds For The Day

Green Deed #1: Lil' J and I went to get haircuts while A is in school, and we went on foot, with the toboggan. We arrived early and stopped at a nearby produce store to pick up some bananas and potatoes first.

I had a big backpack, and J was bundled to the hilt, in layers including snow pants. He had fun :-) The only minor glitch was trying to decide what to do with the toboggan once we arrived at the salon, but after I wiped all the snow off, I was able to bring it inside and stash it in a corner.

Green Deed #2: With the weather outside at -6C, we are keeping our heat inside down at 18C. It's quite comfortable, and the furnace only has to turn on occasionally for a few seconds to maintain it.

Do you have any green deeds for today to share?
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Damon said...


Yes, we have a our heating at between about 16C and 18C but thankfully outside temperatures are more like 10C this week than the recent 2C!

Nothing especially green today except skipping my bath last might to help keep our mains gas consumption to under 40kWh/d, and having a vege breakfast rather than (say) a yummy bacon roll.

And of course I commuted into work entirely on foot and by electricifed train/underground. B^>



JEANNE said...

Do you monitor your gas consumption on a daily basis? That's an awesome idea - I'd never thought of doing that (I do ours by month). Hmmm... something new for me to try - thanks!

Damon said...

Yep, I take a reading of gas and electricity consumption and PV generation at about the same time each day, eg when I get home from work or am about to help put the children to bed.

It means at this time I can track our energy/CO2 budget better (read: obsessively) and do a little extra when it needs doing.

I think we've made a massive difference to heating efficiency on top of our 80% cut in electricity consumption in part through careful monitoring.