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Did You Know That Only About Half of Aluminum Cans Are Recycled?

The percentage of aluminum recovered is currently 54% in the US - so just under half of the cans distributed end up in landfills.

That was a shock to me - I had no idea so many cans are still not being recycled. I'm guessing that the majority of this happens when consumers are out and don't have easy access to recycling bins - they must then simply throw out their cans rather than transport them somewhere else.

What is the answer, I wonder? We need to spread the word and continue educating those around us who don't bother to recycle, for one.

Any other ideas?
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Lori said...

WOW! That is interesting and sad, shocking. I am so big on recycling that I can not imagine not doing it. I would feel guilty if I were out somewhere and had to throw away a can instead of recycling. Cheesy as it sounds I would probably put it in my bag and put it in my recycle bin when I get home. I think that if businesses, malls, etc had specific areas for recycling, such as instead of a trash can, but a recycling container it would easier. Businesses are not too recycle friendly. Thank you for this - it is a wake up call, I might write some people to see if we can get some recycle places in our mall.

JEANNE said...

I know... I was floored when I read about it. I just assumed... because cans are so easy to recycle... but you know what they say about assuming!! I definitely am going to be more proactive when I'm out about looking for can recycling bins, and if I don't see any, asking whoever's in charge why not.