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Just Say No To The Sleeve

I was at an Esquires coffee shop recently and ordered a small Americano. I usually bring a travel mug but I'd forgotten mine, so had to use the disposable cup provided by the coffee shop.

The Barista, no doubt trying to do a good job and follow the instructions she'd been given, gave me a paper sleeve to ensure that the hot drink didn't burn my hands. However because it was a small sized cup, she had to put it inside another small cup to make the sleeve fit better.

(??? !!)

Um, (oops) the extra cup provided enough insulation - I didn't need the sleeve. I pointed this fact out to her and gave the sleeve back. She chuckled in a friendly way and said "Oh my gosh, you're right... sorry."

Just a little thing, but the little things all add up. Because I mentioned this to her, maybe she won't double up on sleeves and extra cups anymore.

Hmmm. Hey maybe, do ya think, if they save enough money on sleeves, they'll lower the price of the coffee? Here's hoping!!

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