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As I Vent About The Kamikaze Cyclists

While walking with my two kids today, on a side walk next to a busy road, I heard a shout of "passing on your left!" only to be nearly plowed down by a cyclist going fast enough to move my hair with the breeze he created.

Kudos to him for using green transportation, and for trying to warn me of his approach. And you know what? If there is no bike lane (which there should be everywhere) I really feel that they're better on the sidewalk than on the street with traffic.


I'm sorry if you've just got some momentum going and now we're inconveniencing you by WALKING ON THE SIDEWALK, but you really really should SLOW DOWN. Slow down, hop off, and WALK YOUR BIKE around the strolling FOUR YEAR OLD, who was on the sidewalk where he was supposed to be next to his mother, who might not have enough life experience to understand "passing on your left", and who might have stepped in front of your madly flying bike and ended up IN THE ER.

Can we please please make bike license plates mandatory so I could have written his plate number down?

Ok I'm done now. Thanks for listening :)

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Damon said...

I'm with you. Some people manage to be inconsiderate fools no matter their form of transportation.

Even on foot people can end up forcing you into the road, eg by coming to a dead halt, mouths agape, brains in neutral, on a narrow pavement...