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Gardening Time :)

Yay sunshine!!

I usually do all of my garden planting at once, but today my son didn't want to stay outside long enough. I don't blame him, because I think he may have been too warm. I had him dressed in long sleeves and long pants, out of habit because of our endless winter. I had no idea it was actually shorts weather today.

Still, I managed to turn the soil, and plant zucchini, cucumber, and carrots. This time I got smart and created a higher bed for the carrots, with lots of loose, deeeep soil. In previous years they haven't grown very big, and I think it's because the soil has been too compact.

I planted the zucchini and cucumber in a different location, one with more sun. Hopefully that'll produce a better result, and hopefully this year I'll have a better garden all around :)

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simone said...

em...hope to see you carrot soon