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Slushhhhhh, With Kids And Their Non-Driving Mom

I don't think the snow is that bad yet, but when I let the dog in this morning from his quick jaunt outside, his back was wet, with no flakes. That means one thing: rain!!

There's quite a bit of snow out there and it's unlikely to clear anytime today (although some of the walks that were shovelled yesterday might get back down to pavement). That means that the sled will be my mode of green transportation, but it looks like we'll be rained on.

A part of me is thinking "ugh", but another part is thinking that it won't be too bad. DD's school is three blocks away, and DS's is another 6 after that. They both have rain coats and snow pants, and awesome boots. Besides, I've seen worse. I've seen people out in the rain with umbrella strollers with nothing covering them at all. Maybe I'm a bit obsessive carrying our rain cover everywhere, but really? Some people take their kids out on foot on a cloudy day, with no rain gear at all? Uh-huh.

Anyway, off I go to start packing our gear!
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