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One Less Bridge, But Old Habits Die Hard

It's tough to give up your car. Even "miss green me" finds the prospect of not driving across the Fraser River and taking the kids on the bus a little daunting.

I usually don't have to drive because we're pretty local and "walkable" with all of our stuff, but on occasion, the car is a huge convenience. If given the choice between taking my kids in a carpool vs. transit, I'll grab our booster seats any day. Now, however, with the temporary demise of one of our bridges, the carpool is no longer a good option (unless of course you have hours to spend idling in gridlock).

So today, we are going to brave the potential hassles and take transit. We're in the minority, however, according to this article: No Big Spike For Skytrain, Despite Pattullo Shutdown.

I'm sure our transit trip won't be as exhausting as I'm anticipating ;-) I'm quite sure, also, that we'll emerge from it relatively unscathed. Maybe I can even give such a glowing account that I can inspire others to take the transit plunge as well?

I'll keep you posted...
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