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Are New Windows Really Less Drafty?

You bet!!!!

Since having our new windows installed, I can leave the heat turned off all day, and the room temperature will dip by only .5 to 1 degree (10 degrees colder outside). With the old glass, the house would have gotten down at least 3 or 4 degrees, if not more.

In fact, last night when Heat Junkie Hubby came home, I forgot to turn the furnace back on (usually I scoot over to the thermostat when I see his car pull in the driveway ;-) He gets home at about 5:30, and it wasn't until the kids' bedtime that I realized I'd forgotten. Meanwhile DH hadn't said a word, 'cause he was still comfortably warm.

Now the unfortunate part is that we have to pay for the windows (not like we can return 'em!!). Over the long term, though, they will save us money (plus the house looks so much nicer :-) !!


Nomad Flavor said...

It's a give and take,but like you the long run it's a money saver!!

JEANNE said...

Yeah, it'll take awhile to recoup the cost, without a doubt. It'll happen eventually though, and meanwhile I'm happy to have the furnace turned off for more hours in the day :-)

Damon said...

Nice blog: I've linked to you from my favourites (on the top of all but the front page of already!

We just replaced a couple of 40-year-old double-glazed units (bathroom and bedroom) with the best Argon-filled, warm-spacer-bar, etc, etc, that (not much) money could buy, and the difference is remarkable.

BTW, had a glance at some of your other blogs too: I'm just about to become daddy for the second time AND my SO (almost) never pays full price for (nice) gifts, so you ring several bells for me there!



JEANNE said...

Damon - thanks for the link, and congrats on your upcoming new arrival!!