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Windows Windows!!

The first day of autumn is here with a vengeance!!

Ok not quite, but boy is it cooling down. I may have to plug in the electric oil heater in the bedroom to deter Hubby from turning on the furnace ;-)

He's not totally "ungreen" though, in spite of his trigger happy ways with utilities. He's the one who wants to replace our windows. If we did that, then we wouldn't have to turn our furnace on as often, or up as high. I'm just cringing at the cost.

Replace them we will, however; hopefully by Christmas we'll have new, energy efficient, double paned glass throughout the house. Hopefully the savings in our hydro and gas bills will make the new debt more bearable (plus I'll be able to blog about how green we are!!) lol

Ok, Jeanne... get on with it!! You have enough quotes already - just hire someone...

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