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There Aren`t That Many Plastic Bottles In Landfills...

Ha! I knew that banning water from vending machines was a, um, "less than perfect" solution (don't get me started on that one again ;-)

According to a Global TV news story tonight, plastic water bottles don't take up much of our landfills at all, and most are already reused in British Columbia.

Here's a breakdown they gave for some of the local landfill contents:

wood waste - 22 %
paper and cardboard - 14 %
food waste - 13 %
plastic bags - 1%
plastic water bottles - less than 1 %

I find the paper and cardboard stat a little frustrating. I know there are people who don`t have the space to compost, but anyone can keep a box or bin in the corner to stash paper products for recycling. Why there isn`t more of a spotlight on that 14% landfill content is beyond me.

Leave our healthy bottled water alone!!!

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