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Help!!!! Any Ideas, Anyone???

I can't grow chives. They don't like me.

I follow the instructions on the seed packet to the letter. I've tried several years in a row, several times each year, with no luck (OK that's not true - last year I had one solitary chive make its way up out of the soil).

To add insult to injury, a friend of mine stopped growing them because they took over her garden.

Ah, but that's not all... this year, my lettuce has gone the way of the chives. I'm on my third planting now, and NOTHING has sprouted. In previous years I've grown more lettuce than I can eat, and this year a friend's neighbour has rows and rows and rows.

Anyone out there have a similar experience? Am I just jinxed??


Apuch said...

Not sure here. I have never grown chives from seed. In the past I bought a chive plant and planted it where it will get mostly sun and they seem to be hearty. They come back the following year iirc and they flower in the second year. I think the lettuces need less sun or they wilt too fast. I just started a deck garden this year and planted some herbs plus chard and lemon grass. The chard gets wilted in one day from my morning watering to when i get home in the afternoon. My only suspicion about your difficulties with the chives and the lettuces lie with the seeds themselves. They did not come from Monsanto did they? (read where they were developing self destructing seeds so people in poor areas would become dependent on buying seeds from them every year. Ah, the generous wonders of technology). I would conclude by saying you are not jinxed. I would work your soil this year and try again next year. I think Chauncey Gardner would agree :-).

Jeanne said...

I think you're right - I think it was the seeds. It's the only thing I can think of that makes sense. I think for next year I might buy them from a different store, or try a different brand.