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5 Benefits of Walking

Who am I trying to convince here? (lol) Aw, I'm happy being a non-driver, except when I'm trying to beat the setting sun in the winter months (there's a down side to everything I guess).

Here are some of the many upsides...

1) There's the lack of emissions and resulting benefit to the environment (now all I have to do is stop tossing the candy bar wrappers on the ground ;-) KIDDING

2) There are numerous health benefits, such as cardio and respiratory fitness, as well as weight management.

3) There's the cost advantage - no gas, insurance or parking expense.

4) I set a healthy example for my kids, and they end up walking a lot more than they would if I drove them around everywhere.

5) Contrary to what the non-walkers think, you actually have more energy when you're a regular walker (as opposed to being tired from all the walking ;-)

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