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3 New Green Habits

Since it's hard to make many changes at once, I thought I'd trying simplifying by tackling only three at a time. Here's my latest Go Green objectives (I'll keep you posted as to my success in keeping them!)

1) Turn off the kitchen light when I'm not there. I have a habit of leaving the light on more often than is necessary - our kitchen is mostly white and receives good daylight from the window, so I could probably leave the light off more often.

2) Turn off the DVD player and VCR when not in use. This sounds fairly obvious, but we tend to press "stop" and leave it at that... tsk tsk. I can do a quick check and make sure everything is powered down completely instead.

3) Unplug chargers when not in use. Ah!! My dear hubby has a habit of leaving the cell phone charger plugged in... I don't blame him because it is convenient and it's hard to imagine much energy waste, but it does add up.

There you go... three new green habits for me to develop. Wish me luck :-)

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