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Growing Bigger Carrots

This may seem like a no brainer for the experienced gardeners out there, but I am just seeing the benefits of carrot mounds myself, so bear with me.

In previous years, my row of carrots was planted on a small mound of earth, no higher than any other veggie mound in my garden. I thought I'd try elevating the carrots a little this year though, and the results have been much better.

I have no photos to show you, but basically the previous mound was about 6 inches higher than the main garden floor, whereas this year it's closer to a foot, and I worked the soil well before I planted to ensure that it wasn't packed.

The result: much longer carrots!! They're pretty much double in length from last year. They're still a little skinny, but I think this is because I didn't thin them out when they started to sprout.

Bottom line: from now on my carrot patch will be the most elevated part of my garden :)

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