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Bike Lane On Burrard Bridge

On July 13th, the Burrard Bridge will undergo a reconfiguration of sorts - bike lanes will be designated on both sides and pedestrians will all be moved to one side.

I am very much in favour of this. I do simpathize with the motorists who simply can't bike and need effective roadways, but realistically, there are folks out there who drive who could walk or bike, with a few simple changes to their routines.

I wonder if there are incentive programs (other than Scrap-it) that offer a discount towards the purchase of a new bike for those commuters who live too far to walk but who could cycle, but who don't already own a bike. The savings in gas and parking (I'm assuming that people would still keep their vehicles insured for shopping and recreation) would pay for a bike, but there are those who might not have the initial cash up front to purchase one. Hmmm. Interest free loans maybe?

I'm curious to see how this bike lane project goes, and I have all my fingers crossed that it's a success. I know there are those out there who will not like it, but the long term benefits, in my opinion, are worthwhile.

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