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As I Rave Even More About Cleaning With Vinegar....

If anyone has a stubborn cat pee cleaning issue and has never tried vinegar and baking soda, to say that I HIGHLY recommend it is an understatement.

My cat's latest exploit was to pee in my daughter's room. Arrrgh... and EWWW, how (insert the expected expletives here) gross and nasty.


I managed to rescue her pee drenched stuff by soaking them in vinegar and baking soda before running them through a wash cycle that also included vinegar and baking soda. Honest to God, it's miraculous.

Anyone with cat pee experience knows that it's STUBBORN (much like my cat), requiring wash after wash after wash before the smell starts to fade, but the vinegar and baking soda combo does something different, apparently, and voila! No more stink.

Just thought I'd share :)

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