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Dog Bed Solution

A few years ago, we bought this $100 dog bed for our husky that consisted of a zippered cover over a giant piece of foam. The cover is machine washable, but not so much for the foam (it's huge).

We have cats, and one of them pees.


The first thing I did when we bought this $$$ piece of foam (sigh), was cover it with green garbage bags to protect it from the, uh, cat remnants. This involved taping several green bags together, because as I said, the foam piece is quite large.

Recently, however, the cat triumphed. The bags, hidden under the dog bed cover, had started to split, so the cat pee found it's way to the foam. Buh-bye foam. Ciao - it's been great. See ya next time.

I held the pee soaked cover (shudder) with my fingertips, thinking you know, I can still wash this. Once it was clean and dry, I folded it up and started thinking about what I could possibly fill it with.

Since wash ability is clearly a critical criteria, that rules out recycling Styrofoam pieces. Whatever I put in that cover has to be something I can dump into the washing machine.

Light bulb: Ha!! Old fabric! (We have enough cleaning rags.) I recently threw out (arrgh) a comforter that had started to rip open and lose it's stuffing - that would have worked. Kids clothes that are too stained or worn to pass on to anyone else - that would work. Heck I bet I can find a bunch of stuff in my own closet that would work.

Alright cat, carry on. I win!!

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1 comment:

Katrina said...

I have also battled this situation! Luckily my doggy is a little one and the whole thing fits in the washer! Kudos to you for thinking up a good solution that lets you reuse your old stuff!