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I Like Walking! So There.

Help... I need to vent!!!

Why is it that when people see me walk everywhere, they react with either sympathy or amazement?

In the first place, walking (for those of us blessed with normal health) is NOT difficult.

When it rains, you dress for the rain. If you can't afford new waterproof boots, plastic bags (inside where no one can see ;-) work amazingly well. Small fold up umbrellas can be purchased for under ten dollars. Children love being active, and can be taught to walk with you.

My health is probably better than that of most women my age (except for the dedicated gym goers and health buffs maybe). I save money because we only insure, maintain and fuel one vehicle (and I never have to fight for parking ;-) I save money on groceries because I'm limited as to what I can carry home, so I tend to skip frivolous extras. I can go on and on about the benefits.

I do use a stroller when I shop - I drop off my four year old at preschool and then take the stroller with me to the supermarket. Ironically enough, my son walks most of the time to and from his school, so more often than not the stroller is used to carry stuff, and not him.

I bought one of those wheelie pull behind you "tote and go" things - it's basically a box on wheels with a retractable handle. It can hold up to 70 pounds, which is more that the stroller can hold, although the stroller has more room. Hmmm. I might just continue to use the stroller - the people at the supermarket don't have to know when my son has fully outgrown it ;-)

As for the "good for you!" comments from the non-walkers - although well meaning, let's put it in perspective here folks. It's not like I'm curing cancer (well... maybe in myself!!).

I know there are people out there with schedule and geographic issues that simply don't allow them to walk, but... I've also seen many a "fair weather walker" climb behind the wheel at the first sign of rain. That is completely fine by me - it's all personal choice. I would never dream of saying to those people "Wow, you sure got there faster - AND you stayed dry without a coat!"


Am I really that weird? I stay healthy, save money, help the environment, and set a good example for my kids. Why, then, to people react to me like I'm some kind of oddity?


LOL, ok I feel better. Thanks for listening :-)


Corina said...

I walk most places too. I used to walk to the grocery store, but it closed. I wish I could walk to daughters preschool, but the one we chose is too far.

But I know what you mean. When I say to people, I am going to walk to the park(which is a .5 miles hike) I get strange looks.... like "Why would you do that with kids?" You aren't crazy. I see it too.

JEANNE said...

Thank you!! It's good to know I'm not alone :-)

Damon said...

We don't own a car and never have. Even now at 39 weeks my SO is going out on foot to do the light shopping, and we're having the bulk stuff delivered (a little more often than we otherwise might).

Better of our health, cheaper, and less CO2!

So, you're only weird if we are...



JEANNE said...

Wow, that's impressive about your SO shopping at 39 weeks. When I was 39 weeks with my daughter I could barely walk (a bit better with my son). Congrats and good luck :-) :-)