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Seriously, What Is Wrong With People??

No single initiative can ever please everyone.

Take the planned wind turbine for the top of Grouse Mountain, for example. This is a green source of energy (really? something green?), and there are actually people who oppose it.

The main two arguments appear to be aesthetics, and injury to birds and bats.

(Um... what?)

OK, (sigh). I'll go ahead an address the aesthetic issue. Have they seen photos of Beijing and its smog? All from, UM, NON-GREEN ENERGY? So which is worse, a mountain with a little wind turbine sticking out of it, or

(me resisting the fist-clenching urge to type in all caps again)

one you can't see at all???

As for the birds and bats, while it is unfortunate that some of them may fly into the blades of the turbine, I'm willing to bet that many die on a regular basis as a direct result of pollution.

"This is [an issue of] green energy versus protecting wildlife,"
Coun. Lisa Muri

Huh??? What???

(more fist clenching)

BIG PICTURE, people, big picture.

One opponent even went as far as to call the turbine, which will provide enough clean energy for 400 homes, "another tourist attraction."

Oh my God.



structured settlements said...

well i agree something is wrong with people

JEANNE said...

It's frustrating, isn't it!!