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Green Halloween

Mwah ha ha ha... (eeeek!!!)

I consider myself to be more green than average, but for a one day a year event I'm willing to let my green standards slide a bit. Life is about balance, after all.

Then it occurred to me that we're already pretty green in our approach to Halloween. Check it out:

1) Our kids carry the same pumpkin shaped buckets every year.

2) They're wearing the same costumes as last year (their choice).

3) We use tea light candles in our pumpkins instead of flashlights.

4) We roast and eat the pumpkin seeds, and compost the rest of the pumpkin.

5) We keep most of the interior lights in the house off to make it more spooky (leaving enough light outside for trick or treaters to see, of course).

6) My kids have been trained to not litter, or walk through people's gardens.

I'm sure there are more, but the time has come to get the kids up for school. Maybe I'll continue this, after the event, if I notice anything else noteworthy.

Happy Halloween, everyone!!


PetePassword said...

Compost the pumpkin???? Why not eat it, they're food!
Pumpkin soup is delicious and nutritious, pumpkin pie too, to name just two. There's more here
Pumpkins are in the same group of vegetables as butternut squas, another delicious vegetable. I personally like them both cut into strips, dipped in oil, sprayed with a little squeezed garlic and roasted. Yum!

JEANNE said...

You're right of course, and every year I've been meaning to try something with the pumpkin flesh.

This year I've composeted only the rind, eaten most of the seeds already (lol), and I have the rest sitting in my fridge waiting to be cooked.

Your oil and garlic suggestion sounds yummy (thanks!). I'm also considering brown sugar and butter. Maybe I'll try some of both...