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A Cue From Costco: No Plastic Bags!

Costco... gotta love that place. Stuff stuff and more stuff, and deals to be had (if you keep on top of prices).

It never occurred to me before, until Susan from mentioned it in a post, that Costco doesn't use plastic bags (unless you purchase meat, and this is for sanitary reasons). The rest of your goods must be brought home in used boxes, which they'll provide, or your own tubs or bags that you bring.

We use those purple "bin shoppin' " tubs that you can buy at Superstore - my husband lays them out in the back of the car, and then we fill them from the shopping cart. Many of the things you buy at Costco are in bulk anyway (i.e. flats of juice or canned soup) so bags are irrelevant.

Hmmm... save money AND the environment! Guess we'll keep shopping there :-)


Anonymous said...

What about those plastic containers that hold twelve apples? Those cannot be recycled where we live along with many of the fresh produce containers. You aren't going to save the planet by not using plastic bags...other plastic products are a bigger issue. One use single serving bottles of water....yeah, I see lots of that purchased at Costco. Those bottles can be recycled but is that just a feel good token in the bigger trash heap of life?

JEANNE said...

You're absolutely right of course - Costco does have some items that are difficult to recycle, but most stores do. I think it would be a challenge to find a place that is completely 100% green (but wouldn't that be nice!)