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Clean Oceans

After returning from a week on the Sunshine Coast of BC, I just want to comment on the difference in the ocean water between the lower mainland and further up the coast.

I don't have much time for a lengthy post (my oven timer is beeping at me!!), but I feel compelled to comment that even though our campsite beach was not even halfway up the coast of the province, the water there was dramatically cleaner than the local beach we went to recently. Not only was the northern water a lot less stinky, but you could see much more clearly in deeper water, and there was an abundance of live marine life, from crabs to fish to starfish (you name it).

What a difference a little pollution can make...

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emmier said...

I'm so fond of Nature and what it presents us with. Trees, forests, lakes, oceans and marine life. I would enjoy it all the time, every day of my life.