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Eating Light

Gotta love blogging. No minimum word count: write as little as you want. Seeing as how I have sooooo many photos to edit and so little time, here's a quick note about our "low carbon" dinner:

(lol... "low carb." ??)

Tonight my kids had what many would think of as snack food: sliced apple with peanut butter, cut up avocado, cheese slices, grapes and carrot, all raw.

Not perfectly green, mind you, because some of the ingredients were shipped from afar, and some of them were purchased by my hubby via car, but hey... there was no cooking involved, and the carrots, avocado, apples, and grapes where bought by me, shopping on foot :-)


Dagny said...

I'm impressed. The more educated our children are about the choices they have when it comes to natural foods the brighter our future.

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Jeanne said...

I agree. While sometimes traditional approaches are great, I want my kids to know that just because it's not "cooked meat and potatoes" doesn't mean it's not a worthy and satisfying meal...