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Will the new Carbon Tax that came into effect July 1st really have the desired impact on climate change?

I suppose it is one solution. There will be people forced to park their cars more because of the financial impact. Unfortunately human nature is such that sometimes people will only change when they have no alternative.

However, rather than alienating so many good people by tying their hands, from what was meant to be environmentally beneficial, could they not have tried to make our cities more "alternative transportation friendly" first?

Where are all the viable bike lanes? What about improving transit? What about more attention to road maintenance for things such as making curbs more stroller and wagon friendly? Couldn't we take some of that parking lot space at rec centres and other public gathering places and create a secure stroller and wagon parking area instead? What about government remuneration for employers who support telecommuting? There are so many things that can be done to encourage individuals to drive less. For those who have to drive, what about some kind of carpool tax credit?

Instead, our government imposes a tax that increases hardship for so many people, creating a negative attitude towards the best of green intentions. If attitude is a precursor to change, then a different approach might reap better results.


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