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Saving Water

My latest mission is to teach my kids to turn off the back yard tap when they've gotten the water they need. When they're out back they're constantly using it - to water their gardens, fill the dog dish, or just for play.

My son is particularly bad for leaving the tap running. It's as if he likes the sound in the background while he plays. Sometimes I think it's out of convenience, because maybe turning the stiff tap is hard for little hands. In any case, he showed a preference for leaving it running, until I started reminding him to turn it off.

Last night while I was brushing his teeth, he started turning off the tap between rinses. Wow! Not only is he remembering, he's teaching me a lesson too, because I hadn't even realized I was leaving it running.

Oops... good thing someone's paying attention ;-)


Dagny said...

Funny you mention your son teaching you. For years I have been preaching about ways to protect the environment, but when my dad began to re-model our downstairs bathroom, I mentioned the possibility of using a water-saving toilet with a half and full flush button. He said he had already ordered one.

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Jeanne said...

Another good example of how we can all learn from eachother :-)

mona said...

This is a great blog on saving water, but funny story too. Water is essential for every plants and animals, which should be preserve ans save.