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Gas, Gas, and more $$$ Gas

I have an advantage here. I am afraid to drive.

It all started back in the late 80's when my Honda Prelude was rear-ended, and effectively converted to a hatchback (oops). There were several other accidents, all but one being the fault of the other driver. I started getting a little leery of being behind the wheel.

Now I walk everywhere. It adds to my husband's "chore" list in that he has to do the grocery shopping, but it saves us in gas and auto insurance because we only operate one vehicle. (Have you ever wanted to do the right thing but weren't motivated enough? Well my fear of driving solves that problem for me and makes it easy for me to "go green on foot".)

There are many, many additional upsides, health and environmental consciousness being two. I'm a lot fitter than many 41 year old Moms I know, all without paying for a gym membership. I honestly don't think about the environmental impact that often, unless I'm standing at a busy intersection at rush hour, noticing the unpleasant fumes.

I'm happy to report that many of my daughter's classmates also come to school on foot... until it rains. I wonder, with the current fuel price trends, if my "walk at all costs mentality", will have more in common with the mainstream.

I'm constantly hearing such (well meaning, of course) comments as "you're such a trouper", "I don't know how you do it" and "poor you, out in that rain". Meanwhile as I feel the health benefits and watch the fuel crisis unfold, I'm secretly grateful for those car accidents all those years ago.

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