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Cyclist Obstacle Course

Maybe now that this issue has been brought to light in the media, maintenance crews for the Second Narrows Bridge will make an effort to sweep up the blackberry bush cuttings that are giving cyclists flat tires, as well as the grass clippings that get slick when they're wet (because, it never rains in Vancouver).

I wonder if the carbon tax that will be added on to the price of fuel will actually go towards making our city more cyclist-friendly? I for one am discouraged by the limited number of bike lanes out there to begin with, and when I read the June 15th Province article about the poor maintenance of the lanes that do exist, it just frustrated me further.

Kudos to those out there who continue to cycle rather than drive, in spite of the less than ideal circumstances.


JJW said...

Great Post...there are way too few bike lanes in general. In europe and asia bike rule the road. Perhaps with fuel rising to unknown hieghts more people will strap on a helmet, take to the road and get some excercise while being a smart commuter.


Jeanne said...

jjw - I completely agree - as tough as the rising fuel prices are, maybe the silver lining is that more commuters will see new benefits to cycling (and those who have no choice other than to drive will have less traffic to deal with :-)