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Cloth Shopping Bags

I'm addicted to those cloth shopping bags. I'll admit it - I buy more than I need. I prefer the black or dark coloured ones, with less prominent store branding. I use them for so many things that I never really mind if I've forgotten to bring one and have to buy another (oh well!!).

I was in Superstore the other day and I added a cloth shopping bag to my pile of purchases. Get this - the cashier rang it through and moved it to the "paid" side of her till, where she proceeded to shove it into a plastic bag.


ME: "um, excuse me - I don't need the plastic bag - that's why I bought the cloth one."

She laughed awkwardly, apologized, and corrected her mistake.

It made me yet more aware of the broad range in our society of "green" living - from not green at all to obsessively so. I fall somewhere in between. I'm comfortable with that, because it's a lifestyle I can sustain, and I am inspired and motivated to improve in little ways here and there.

Like reminding a cashier about the cloth shopping bag.

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