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We were at Canadian Tire today with the car, and I didn't even think to check... I called later and found out that they have strawberry plants and potted blueberry bushes (they should call that place Canadian Everything).

I'm going to walk back there tomorrow while A is in school... I'll take J in the double stroller and load up the extra seat with plants. I could have loaded up the car with the plants today had I known, but the upside is that now I'll get some extra exercise in. See now I don't feel so bad about the ice cream I just ate.

Ah... strawberries!! Yum. I've been wanting to grow them for ages and keep forgetting at the beginning of each season. Supposedly the commercial strawberries have really bad pesticides - more so than average. You can always buy organic of course, but growing your own is, I think, the best option.

Wish me luck... hopefully there are still some good ones left tomorrow!

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