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The New Router

How can adding another electrical component to my office make me greener? Well, it has to do with my Internet security. I've just installed a wireless router, and although the tech support staffer I spoke to assures me that it's secure, it gives me the creeps when my laptop finds two other networks in the 'hood to choose from when I go to connect. Somewhere someone is at their laptop logging in and seeing MY network on their screen. Of course they can't access it without the bazillion-character password, but still... creepy.

Anyway, I'm getting to the "greener" part. Bear with me.

OK, so I'm in the habit of turning on my PC first thing in the morning, whether I'm using it right away or not. This is because my older desktop (unlike my shiny-literally-new laptop!!) takes about five hours to boot up. I'll let you decide from your own personal experience as to whether or not I exaggerate.

Anyway, I powered up this morning, before taking my son to Strong Start (thank you government for doing something right by creating that program), and was reminded of all those laptops out there ('cause there must be at least 300 on our street alone) with my network showing on their screens. Hmmm. (Ohhhh this is not good for my anxiety.)

Right then and there I decided to NOT switch on my desktop (and power bar, which powers the router - I shut everything off at night) until I'm about to sit at my desk. The end result will be fewer "on" hours for my electrical empire, and hopefully greener data!

My next challenge is to convince my husband that my paranoia is good for the planet.

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